An automated attendance solution saves time and resources as all the hefty manual tasks can be managed systematically. This new automated method is an improvement that every school requires. Going paperless will save your time with fewer chances of redundant attendance entries. 

Schools must adapt to the latest technologies as everything around us evolves and becomes more automated. The need to develop an innovative approach to century-old issues is a must. Let’s go through the advantages of an automated attendance solution in further detail.

 1. Accurate and Safe

Manual attendance verification is prone to human mistakes. Since the procedure is carried out by a computer, data acquired by an automated system is more accurate.

This solution tracks the precise time a student has arrived at the school campus or class. The management needn’t worry about any data loss or mistakes as they can always go back and look at the data afterward. With an automated system, each student has their own unique credentials for logging in their attendance which avoids any duplication or errors.

 2. Accessible and Centralized Data

The collected data is stored in a cloud that is easily accessible and can be accessed anytime. It makes it easier for the management as they don’t have to carry several attendance records. When required, everything they need is all in one system. It is significantly simpler for the management.

It is also another layer of security for the management as they would have the exact time when the kids enter and exit the schools. It’s also easier for them to track tardiness which can then be communicated to the parents for appropriate actions or solutions.

3. Notifications to the Parents

The system updates in real-time and it can also provide real-time app notifications to the parents. This helps to stay updated on the whereabouts of their children. This is an added value for the management since it reassures the safety that the school provides to its students.

4. Time-Saving 

The average time the staff spends on verifying the attendance in a day is about 40 minutes which equates to 200 minutes per week and 800 minutes per month.

That’s 13.3 hours of unproductive time per staff per month. This time can be easily saved through an automated attendance solution.

An automated attendance solution will also lower the amount of paper used therefore saving resources, time, and energy. 

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