This article will expatiate the reasons behind increase in usage of school transport software applications like school bus locator application, real time school bus tracking, school bus transport management application to name a few.

An attempt will be made to explain these applications and then reasons for their usage will be explained as a concluding statement.

1} School bus locator application will help in places where there are many buses parked in lines and the student has to reach the bus. Such an application will help in increasing efficiency and reducing effort on the part of the student to locate the bus.

2} School bus tracking system as an application will help to find the real time location of the bus. In other words the students and parents can start from their homes to respective bus stops depending upon the location of bus and the estimated time of arrival. This will reduce unnecessary time wastage on the bus stops and meanwhile the parents can also carry out other chores of household.

3} School transport management system will be beneficial for the school authorities as such as they will be deciding the buses according to the routes and number of children each bus will carry. It is pertinent to mention here that as an added technology school can share application with students who can just by the way of a click chose their respective seat or enroll themselves for a particular route. The parents can get a notification of the student is opting for another route and they can accordingly pick up their child from that particular location.

Schooling is an important aspect of student life and school authorities has to take care of the academic aspect as well as to improve their overall administrative issues so that there is a well laid plan for everyone in order to reduce the effort and increase productivity. These applications are a mind blowing initiative which can achieve the above mentioned objectives in very less amount of time, as they focus on particular target groups who are primarily the parents and the students. The reason that usage of these applications is soaring is because of the automatic rise in the demand due to increase in the population of students in the schools and partly by the problems which are being faced by everyone. One also say that rising grievances by the parents and the students is a plausible reasons that these application have been innovated at first.