The school bus is sometimes lauded as the safest mode of transportation for school children, yet several nations, including India, are seeing an upsurge in school bus-related accidents and fatalities involving school children.

The usage of smart school bus cameras such as NeoTrack’s can assist to eliminate safety concerns to a considerable extent thanks to our intelligent school bus technology.

Here are 4 compelling reasons why you must install a CCTV camera on your school bus:

1. To Ensure Children’s Safety:

Children are usually watched in school; yet, once aboard a school bus, they are largely unattended and left on their own. Fighting, pushing, and raucous conduct are unavoidable.

However, by installing NeoTrack’s high-resolution CCTV cameras inside the bus, the school management or the transport admin can monitor real-time footage from a central location and take immediate action in response.

The management may not only monitor student conduct but also keep an eye out for suspicious-looking persons or suspicious things put on the bus, as well as a variety of other possible security hazards.


2. Resolve Disputes or Bullying:

If a bullying or other unplanned occurrence occurs, it can be incredibly difficult to determine what or who caused the situation.

Instead of questioning other youngsters and dealing with different statements, the school management may simply replay the recorded video footage to see what actually occurred. This stream can be used as the basis for disciplinary action by the school and, in extreme situations, as proof to the police or government authorities.


3. Assists the drivers:

School bus drivers are supposed to be the guardians of children’s safety, but the truth is that, aside from driving, they are solely responsible for a slew of other things, including pre and post-trip checks, school bus attendance, safe on-boarding, and off-boarding of students, and being alert for vehicles cruising by at bus stops.

It is not fair nor practicable to expect them to actively watch the children or the surroundings around the school bus. Drivers no longer need to constantly glance back or gaze through side mirrors to jot down the license number of passing cars, thanks to the dual-camera setup that can capture everything inside and outside the bus.

The drivers may concentrate on securely transporting the children to their destination.


4. Prevent Driver Misbehavior:

So frequently, we read of car accidents that occurred because the driver was inebriated, distracted by his phone, or just not paying attention to the road.

Incidents of sexual misbehavior against youngsters, who are completely helpless if they are the last child on board, are even more alarming. However, with cameras covering the entire bus, no driver would dare to disobey the regulations or behave improperly.


Thus, installing the necessary number of school bus cameras both inside and outside the school bus is not a luxury in these times, but an urgent requirement.

Adopting the right school bus tracking system can help both schools and transport companies make better-informed decisions.

After all, when it comes to the safety and security of our children, can we really afford to take even the smallest of risks?


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