Education is an integral part of child’s life. Incorporating the latest technology to education can create wonders in the mental and overall development of a child. Let us see what the latest trends in education are. 

Augmented Reality- Kids tend to learn faster when it comes to visual content. When the traditional methods of learning are practically integrated with interactive visual content teaching becomes easier and understanding becomes simpler. 

Personalized learning Methods- Each kid is special and each kid has a different capability to learn, personalized learning is what makes learning retaining to every kids. It also ensures that kids with special needs are not left out and they also shine in their own ways. Teachers need to analyze the needs of each kid and personally assist them to achieve their goals. 

Teachers with professionalism- Gone are the days when teachers were strict and rude. Kids being friendly with teachers in the new trend. They should be able to share everything, even their troubles, with their mentors. School organizations should conduct special training programs to train teachers on latest teaching methods. 

Portion learning- Heavy textbooks and big paragraphs of learning definitely doesn’t count in the new era of education. Kids should be able to completely understand their learning portions though they are bite sized. Small learning portions with practical knowledge and interactive sessions helps to ensure full attention and hence in retaining of the knowledge. 

Internet of Things (IoT)- This will be one the greatest achievements when it comes to technology. It can be used to organize various school activities, alert students on the latest updates and tracking of completion of homework. 

Flexible Seating- Recent study has revealed that seating arrangements do have an effect in their learning. Creating comfortable seating with nice cushions & comfy stools.  

Digital Ethics- Teaching kids about the digital world and the hazards hidden in it helps them to enjoy the technology while using them to the best of their abilities. 

Online Education- Now kids can learn within the comfort of their house. With the emergence of latest gadgets, they have become tech savvy and learning has become much simpler. 

STEM to STEAM approach- Stem means science, technology, engineering and maths and when you add arts to it becomes STEAM. This gives kids more opportunities actually be concerned about them and be at peace with their education being stress free. 

Wellness Programs- Establishing wellness programs at schools helps kids to overcome their anxiety and fears or any other disorders which they may not know they have otherwise. 

Empathetic Learning- Cultivating good relationships with others, enhancing communication skills, soft skills and being more empathetic towards surrounding is something important that kids need in their character development. Conducting group activities to bring out the best them is what brings out empathy in them. 

Digital Library- Digital libraries will help kids to explore, infer and learn from the surroundings. Reading is a good habit that they can cultivate, expand knowledge and gain information about anything. 

Wireless technology- Wireless technology helps the teachers and stakeholders to get the materials related to study easily without hassle and thus ensuring smooth seamless system. 

Remodeled Examination- As education is becoming more and more flexible it’s time to reconsider the traditional examination methods. They should be able to customize their assignments and modules. Personalization of grading also should be considered important. 

All these and much more when integrated with traditional schooling methods creates a more comfortable learning environment to the students. Technology does ensure a smooth learning process, but it should be well balanced such that all the benefits of technology are harnessed.