The fight against the pandemic COVID-19 has required comprehensive measures to be taken. To restrain the spread of this disease, the nation is put under lockdown and the residents are encouraged to rehearse social distancing and stay inside. Amidst this lockdown, students should make the best use of their leisure time and other resources in learning to create value for themselves and society. Here are a few tips that can help:

Scheduling a routine

A routine is a must to productively utilize each day. Following a scheduled work ensures that students are able to allocate adequate time to each academic subject, physical activities, personal time, and also family time.


Define work objectives that reasonably fit in with your academics and different responsibilities. There is a wide range of approaches to learning and it is important to discover what works best for your mind. Instead of rushing through your study sessions, separate your material by subject and by brief breaks. That way, you won’t be at your books or PC for a long time and your mind can intake the material all the more without any problem.


Knowledge exchange

Students can interact by having informative conversations with family members in the house, discuss their routine, and learning with their friends over calls. This exchange can be engaging like a real-life classroom.

Staying healthy and charged

Apart from academics, there are other productive ways to spend free time in hand. Personal fitness and hygiene are important for safety right now. Set up fitness goals and keep yourself fresh and enthusiastic.

Rewarding yourself

Remember to treat yourself to a movie or game or anything you like when you finish the task for the day. It will keep you motivated to finish the work and look forward to doing something more and achieve.

Yeah! We are all set now. With social distancing the norm, many will turn to the online, and in doing so; it is the responsibility of each one of us to be careful about privacy concerns. Proper use of the internet and social media can help in sensitizing the general public and preventing unnecessary panic. Skill Up during this lockdown!