Being at school, among new and first friends, playing, learning is one of the best parts of life. It may appear to be a difficult transition, but a few simple things can make it seamless and smooth. 

Time management & routine– Without making the process haste, and giving kids adequate time to adapt with the new surroundings. interactive activities and planning them ahead will give the kids understand the routine. Routine can be one of the many solutions for the initial confusion and anxiety that kids have. School can also make a table for snacks and discuss various activities, comments in the friendliest manner. 

Pre- preparation for school– Parents can take their time and make the kids understand that school is a friendly and safe place. Growing acquaintances with parents of other kids in the same school can also prove valuable in due course. 

Talk about feelings– Parents can talk to the kids about their feelings, changes in their behavior. You can also give them space and express freely about their new change. When kids know that you are able to give them your full attention, without any judgements they can talk to you about any fears or bullying they are facing at school. 

Chat with parents or caretakers– During the pick up or drop off time the teachers can chat with the parents and inform them about any upcoming events or how their kid was. Putting out a positive review for kids infront of their parents makes kids appreciate themselves and do more in the coming days.   

Breakdown homework– Make homework time fun at the same a good learning experience to the kids. Give ample time between the homework to play. We can also do the homework in a very interactive manner with lots of laughs and giggles so that kids enjoy learning and this technique can go a long way. 

Celebrate small wins– Appreciate the kids when they do small things on their own. Treat them to their favorite food, spread the news among others in the family so that they will appreciate them too. Let the kids know that you are proud of them which will help them to expand their capabilities. 

Choose some after-school activities– Doing some interactive afterschool activities like playing their favorite games, chatting about the school, friends. Working on a schedule can help a lot so that kids are not carried away with more play than studies. 

What is Neotrack’s contribution towards safe commute of kids? 

Neotrack effective school bus tracking ensures that parents and kids enjoy hassle free and safe commute. Through our versatile app save time and energy waiting for the school bus. Breach alerts and timely notifications enable parents to know any unexpected delays beforehand and prepare accordingly. 

Early years of kids are very important in their growing years. Through these simple and easy measures, it’s certain that kids feel safe and happy. They can enjoy their time at school without fear and anxiety, afterall everyone wants only the best for their kids.