For any school/education institution, routing and planning for transportation is a mighty task to get control of. The routes may not be the most efficient one; there might be special needs to be considered for some children, etc. So why not use the NeoTrack, an AI coupled with GPS Tracker for School Buses, to tackle all these issues effectively.

school bus tracker

Here are the advantages of employing NeoTrack School Bus Tracker for automatic routing and planning.

Efficient Management

NeoTrack’s user interface helps school authorities to track all activities from one place. It helps to monitor school buses while they are running; making it immediately noticeable in case of any anomaly.

Beware of Hazards

The software allows choosing routes that are very safe and secure. School authorities will be able to avoid hazard zones, busy areas, predators, etc.

RFID Integration

The school transport management can be peaceful about children safety by tracking their statuses like whether the kid has boarded the bus or got down at the wrong location or missed to get down at the right stop, etc., with the help of RFID Integration with NeoTrack.

school bus gps tracking solution

Custom Development

We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The NeoTrack School Bus Tracking Software will be customized according to your requirements with the best tools required for routing and planning.

Route Optimization

While routing, the software utilizes Google Maps to determine the most efficient routes, thereby helping us in getting rid of inefficient routing.

Easy to Maintain

Work the way you are most comfortable with, using spreadsheets, forms or maps on the display.

Automated Data Entry

The software automatically loads student info into the system. It saves manual effort, thereby cutting out on manual errors. The time spent for manual effort is minimized.