Why parents should track their kid’s school vehicle

Social crimes against children is a major concern for parents and sending off their children to school in a public transportation system or any privately arranged transportation without any tracking system in place can be a scary thing for parents. After all, they have no idea if the kid has reached school safely. This concern will prolong till the child returns home in the evening disturbing the professional life of the parents. Whenever the kid is late from the school due to transportation issues, parent’s minds turns worried.

Everything said, every problem has its solution. Even this above case is solved and the solution is running successfully in many of our customer places. Employing the NeoTrack, a GPS coupled with Artificial Intelligence based vehicle tracking system, to track school buses is that effective solution. Our concept of School Bus Tracking is quite simple. We provide real-time updates to parents and school authorities about the school vehicle’s location. Considering its simplicity and utility, our vehicle tracking system is a win-win solution for the school authorities as well as parents.

NeoTrack app helps parents to ensure kids safety during their ride to school and the way back home. It helps parents to know the exact location of their kid. Through a web portal or the mobile App, parents can track and plan the daily commutation of their kid in real time.

Benefits to parents in tracking their kid's school bus

By using the NeoTrack school bus tracking system, some of the important benefits to the parents are:

Know the current location 

As a parent, won’t you be happy to know the exact location of the school bus in your hectic morning and evening schedule. The tracking system will help parents find the current location of their kid. The parents can get information about the estimated time of arrival of the bus and then get themselves prepared.

Get travel details of kids at any time

As an extension of the above point, parents will get all the information like their kid boarding/de-boarding school bus. Parents will get emergency alerts when the child fails to board or de-boards at the wrong stop.

Stay informed about your kid reaching school/home

– More than your convenience, the more important advantage is the added safety. Children stranded at bus stops is the last thing you want.

Ever wondered if School Bus stays in speed limit

School authorities as well as parents would be able to know the speed of a school bus. This facility can be very useful as they can avoid unnecessary accidents of school buses due to over speeding.

Track multiple buses if your children don’t all ride the same bus

Schools may have a fleet of buses and your kid may not board the same bus all days in the week. Even in these scenarios you can track the exact bus your child is on board.

Get a Warning

If there is any traffic jam, break down or natural hazards, parents would be able to get a warning helping them to take necessary actions and precautions.

Provides peace of mind

Obviously, installing a school bus tracking system like NeoTrack provides peace of mind to parents as well as school authorities. With real-time notifications via a tracking system with artificial intelligence, whatever may be the reason, parents and school authorities will know about it instantly. Stay peaceful!

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