The benefits of NeoTrack GPS vehicle tracking systems go beyond simply ensuring the safety of your school children. By closely tracking the performance of your vehicles, a GPS system quickly pays for itself in various cost benefits!

School Bus Route Optimization

Even the best of mapping systems will never be fully up-to-date with what’s going on in the real world. Full oversight of your routes allows you to spot inefficient routes, or areas that should be avoided for speedier drives. Since GPS is feeding you a minute-by-minute overview of your buses, you receive an instant warning if a driver deviates from his route. If he’s not following the path determined by your routing software, he’s not helping to save time and money.

NeoTrack School Bus Route Optimizer

Optimize Fuel Efficiency 

Exact knowledge of your fuel situation brings exact calculations of fuel efficiency, which can be optimized to bring quick savings. GPS vehicle tracking can help the company save money by increasing vehicle efficiency. By reducing the speed of vehicles money can be saved on petrol, wear and tear on vehicles will decrease, making their resale value last for longer and speeding fines can be avoided. Insurance companies offer discounts for safer driving and the tracking systems significantly raise the chances of theft recovery.

Empower Your Vehicle Driver

Fleet tracking software also increases driver efficiency. By knowing how much time each driver is taking per job, management can structure each driver’s timetable more effectively and make better use of their time. Vehicle drivers with a tendency to speed will be quickly spotted. On the other side of the coin, these same systems can be used to create incentives for your drivers!  Even small prizes can inspire them to be on their best driving behaviour, or to focus on matters like fuel-efficiency to reduce your transportation costs.

Planning Vehicle Maintenance

There are a lot of minor details that can suggest maintenance problems long before they become significant issues. A driver, for example, probably would not notice a sudden 10% decrease in his fuel efficiency – but the GPS system would spot it. That’s a clear early warning of engine problems, but one that’s easy for a person to miss.

Faster Emergency Response

No matter how well-managed a bus system is, contingencies can develop once the bus is on the road that require immediate attention.  From minor accidents, to simple flat tires, GPS vehicle tracking means you are alerted sooner, and response services have exact coordinates for the bus.

More Cost-Cutting Plans

You get plenty of options for optimization when your school district implements GPS, which frequently pays for the system. If you’d like to learn more about the cost savings, contact us at with your questions!