NeoTrack’s Campus Attendance System provides a robust, secure, and automatic attendance management solution for educational institutions. This system not only reduces human effort but also makes the student attendance management easier, efficient, and accurate. NeoTrack provides various campus attendance solutions based on requirements.

Biometric Attendance

 A biometric attendance device captures your unique biological/physical feature such as fingerprint or iris pattern for identity verification. NeoTrack provides highly secure identification and personal verification solutions. It covers the requirements of the school authority in terms of day to day staff monitoring, working hours calculation which provides relevant information to the payroll system, and manpower analysis.

NeoTrack also provides biometric devices with RFID integration. The students or staff are provided with unique RFID cards (contactless cards) by NeoTrack to mark their attendance. 

UHF Reader (Automatic Attendance System)

 NeoTrack’s automatic attendance system is the most efficient and simplest way to manage the attendance of students. It is a wireless long-range RFID reader based system. Students are provided with a UHF cum ID-Card and these systems read and identify the student. This system notifies the parents instantaneously via NeoTrack App and logs the attendance in the system. With the help of the NeoTrack App, parents can check if their child has entered or exited the school during an unusual time. 

     NeoTrack provides a front-end interface for the school management from which they can view and download attendance reports. These attendance systems help to improve student/staff attendance management and significantly reduce the time spent and the costs involved.