Mobile apps are now inevitable for any business and for the best reasons. Anyone with smart phones can now access their favorite products with just a few taps. With their enhanced UI and ease of usage mobile apps are now an instant hit among the consumers. It’s the one thing that constantly needs be updated and enhanced. 

Why are mobile apps important? 

A few things that make mobile apps stand out are  

Better personalization– They offer customized personalization for the users based on their interest, locality, type of purchase etc. Mobile apps also helps us to engage with the consumers and take their feedback for the betterment of app working. 

Interactive Notifications- We all know that one app in our phones sends amazing notifications. Though we don’t buy anything from it such notification prompt us to open the app and check and the best part is we don’t even turn off notifications such as to not miss them, such is the power of mobile apps. 

Using features on phone- One of the usages of mobile app is the ability to use phone features like camera, phone calls etc. This makes it easier and consumers tend to engage more with these mobile app features. 

Ability to work offline- This is the very basic difference between a website and an app. Unlike a website that stops working when the net connection is off, app helps to carry out some basic features like calculation though not all functions. 

Freedom in designing- Websites rely on browser features like back button, refresh button but mobile app doesn’t have any of these restrictions.  

Improved customer engagement- Consumers spend most of their time on Apps due to their enhanced UI and ease of use which can open up new sources of customer feedback and engagement. 

These are a few of the importance of apps apart from excellent establishment of brand presence and authority. 

Needed Features In Mobile Apps 

Push Notifications- Notifications can be annoying, but there are many apps that give amazing and eye catchy notifications which not only pass the information but also lure the consumers into opening the app and check more. 

Improved Designs- Apps with simple, easy and interactive designs are much adored by users. They should be able to convey the information while keeping the users engaged. 

Call to action- All apps should have call to action info like mail id, contact number or chat and they should be easily accessible without having to skim through the whole app to find one. 

Integration of payment gateways- Apps should have the flexibility to integrate multiple gateways and the ability for seamless working.  

Search option- Search option is inevitable in apps no matter how simple they are. It saves time and helps users to navigate where ever that could easily. 

Speech recognition- Extremely helpful when users have their hands full. No one wants to spend a lot of time doing swipes and taps which can easily be done through voice commands. 

QR/barcode scanning facility- With more and more cashless transitions integrating QR code and barcode scanner to mobile app has becoming important. Not just for cash transactions QR code scanning facility helps to visit the particular site with just a tap on phone. 

Security- Enhanced security with payments, user details are very important when it comes to live app. 

As important as it is for a business to have a mobile app, its also important to integrate the best features for improved usability. An excellent working mobile app can open up a world of numerous possibilities and brand visibility. Our Neo Track mobile app incorporates the latest technology with interactive features and amazing UI.