NeoTrack’s cloud-based fleet management systems automate, digitize, and simplify their staff transportation operations. Our solutions use technologies like AI, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Geofencing, and GPS, to not only make life simpler for Transport Admins, but also greatly enhance the employee transportation experience by making it safer, faster, and more convenient.

Few examples of how technology is used to improve employee transportation operations:

  • Automated Digital Rosters

Managing trips and boarding points manually may be time-consuming. Transport teams, on the other hand, may use NeoTrack’s Employee Transport  Management Solution to expedite this process. To reduce labor and time wasted, automated checklists can track key information such as route management and vehicle timetables. Our digital employee rosters and driver schedules, powered by our employee transportation solution, provide quick rostering while also providing a comprehensive insight into your fleet’s schedule. The speed and precision of such a proactive, real-time digital method, regardless of effort, cannot be replicated manually.

  • Reduced administrative burdens, paper trails, and manual processes

Routes generated by manual route planning frequently diverge from the actual path taken, resulting in significant changes in transportation cost projections. The permits for these cost overheads require more paperwork for transportation teams, which are sometimes already burdened with the strain of organizing many trips each day. This issue is exacerbated by administrative responsibilities such as employee no-shows, which add to an already heavy burden.

Employee Management Solutions from NeoTrack solve these problems by digitizing and automating repetitive operations. Employee no-shows, for example, maybe immediately updated by data received from boarding/deboarding status, while transportation approvals become more expedited through more exact cost calculation. With technology taking over these routine activities, transportation managers are able to focus on more strategic and value-added actions.
Better employee transportation experiences are no longer a luxury for businesses wanting to flourish in a post-pandemic environment — they are an absolute need. As previously stated, NeoTrack’s Employee Transport Management Solution assists organizations in meeting this essential demand by ensuring that their employee’s commute to work is safer, faster, and more enjoyable.