Schools with GPS tracker on vehicles have recorded data that can help protect them should anything go awry. In the event of an accident, NeoTrack GPS app documents every motion of the bus, from the over-speeding to harsh braking to rash driving to route and stop violations. Should anyone dispute this, the school has evidence to back up their case.

GPS also improves the regularity and timeliness of preventative maintenance with automatic tracking on vehicles. Schools can know in advance when bus servicing is due to minimize downtime and unwanted breakdowns, as well as allowing sufficient time to schedule substitute buses.

In addition to adding accountability and convenience, NeoTrack GPS is saving parents money. Schools monitor bus driving patterns to make sure drivers are operating their vehicles efficiently, eliminating unnecessary idling which limits gas waste, observing speed limits and not taking detours. It minimizes impact on the environment, trims pollutant emissions, and reduces the fleet’s carbon footprint.

School buses can be monitored in real time for the amounts of fuel they fill, use and consume. This deters fuel theft and pilferage, and discourages misuse of the buses by drivers or unauthorized personnel. It significantly lowers the costs of transportation and maintenance.

Schools are able to review actual ridership by bus or route, so that they know if buses are being fully utilized. If not, they can plan new routes – or analyze planned routes versus actual loads. With documented data of the exact run times, schools can issue more accurate transport payments which saves time and minimizes errors for both drivers and fleet managers. And because GPS is considered an anti-theft device by most insurance companies, schools can save on insurance premiums, too. More accurate mileage tracking also means better warranty recovery, which is another cost saving.

NeoTrack GPS coupled with artificial intelligence doesn’t just make a school bus fleet more profitable; it increases safety, convenience, accountability, and economic savings, all of which are things parents want to hear so that they can rest easier about their child riding the bus. Parents can gain peace of mind by having the answer to the age-old question: It’s 3 p.m.: Do you know where you children are? It’s time for schools across the country and around the world to utilize GPS tracking technology.