NeoTrack is a one-of-a-kind comprehensive solution for managing daily school bus operations, connecting the school, parents, and vehicles in a single powerful platform. School bus fleet management capabilities include school bus route optimization, CCTV cameras, and RFID student identification.

School Bus Tracking Solution from NeoTrack: 

Our solution provides a quick and secure way to track the whereabouts of all your school buses that transport children to and from school.

We provide an intelligent School Bus Gps Tracking Device that will be installed in every school vehicle and will allow school officials or transportation administrators to check the location of the vehicles from their smartphones & our web interface. Furthermore, with NeoTrack’s Mobile App, parents can track the specific location of their children’s school bus, watch the live location, and get proximity Notification/SMS to their mobile.

Benefits of using our Vehicle Tracking System

  • NeoTrack offers an easy-to-use UI. The tracking of school vehicles can be monitored on a web platform or the user’s Android/iOS phone
  • School Bus Live monitoring on a standard map, Administrator dashboard for a clear view of routes, boarding/drop time, vehicle speed, kilometer traveled, travel time, stoppage, and so on
  • Create reports for trips, number of students picked up or dropped off, departure, arrival, vehicle speed, and much more
  • Create a report on the school vehicle’s driver efficiency, including average speed, maximum speed, and over-speed
  • Parents will be alerted via their mobile application when their children board or de-board their school bus. Administrators will receive a complete report as well as a one-year history playback

NeoTrack gives parents peace of mind by assuring their children’s safety. Parents are continually connected and informed about their children with the help of our mobile application.