Schools are using IT to bring a degree of efficiency, transparency and safety to the systems by which their students travel to the school and back. In the age of robots, there is a lot that modern technology can do for improving the state of school transportation.

School Bus Tracking in Real-time

School bus tracking has gained a lot of traction from schools within a short span of time. To enable tracking of school buses, you need to install NeoTrack’s GPS device in the bus. It transmits the information in real time to a central database.  This allows users to track their vehicles from anywhere, anytime using a web portal or a mobile app.

Audio/Visual Surveillance

The energetic and mischievous  nature of children sometimes overrule the safety of the school bus, and eventually becomes a reason for some kind of mishaps. Surveillance cameras can become a virtual eye for  the school management and helps them keep a check while they are enroute to school or back. The surveillance camera records the activities in the school bus while it is on transit and can be reviewed at the end of the day. If the school bus is equipped with IP cameras and wireless networking, it can even transit the live video feed to the school administration or parents, if required.

School Bus Attendance Automation

rfid integration for children attendance in school buses

A students boarding or departure status is widely dependent on speculations. Many a times it has been observed that students board the wrong bus or depart at the wrong bus stop, leaving the parents and school administration in state of panic. This situation can be prevented by installing a RFID card reader in the school bus. Students would need to carry a small RFID card that logs each student’s entry and exit from the bus door using long range RFID readers. NeoTrack’s school bus tracking app can be integrated with RFID systems and can provide desirable notifications to school administration and parents.

School Transportation is one area that is to a large extent untouched by technology. With so much to look for in the upcoming days, school management in India is going to be more technology aided and efficient. NeoTrack solutions have always been on toes to provide next generation solutions to schools and educational institutes across India.