NeoTrack’s employee transportation solution provides the finest commuting experience for your employees. Our unique and intelligent solution allows you to manage your routes, your fleet, and execute on-time commutes.

Benefits of having NeoTrack Employee Transportation Solution

1. Real-Time Planning for Transport Team

Our solution assists the transport team in vehicle planning & assignment to respective employees based on their pick-up and drop-off locations, time, and more which is collected automatically based on their card swipes. Automate all your route plans with the help of our intelligent route planning technology. The procedure also takes into consideration real-time elements such as traffic to determine the optimum route for a hassle-free commute to and fro.

2. Real-Time Tracking

Our intelligent app, lets you track each vehicle in your fleet with real-time updates. We also provide one-year travel history of your fleet for safety and planning purposes. Live tracking keeps a check on your fleet and also protects the safety of your staff. You may also configure your system to provide quick notifications if any vehicle deviates from the intended itinerary.

3. Application for commuters

Employees can plan their commutes by having access to arrival timings, pickup locations, and any other relevant information. Since they are aware of all details, they do not have to wait for their pick-up or also avoid standing in the wrong place.

4. Cost Savings

NeoTrack’s Employee Transportation Solution reduces the cost of fleet maintenance by ensuring that the driver is taking the shortest and convenient routes, tracking fuel consumption and distance, automated route planning, and many more.

5. On-time

A well-planned and executed fleet ensures that it functions on schedule. Our solution helps to reduce delays and prevent wasting valuable hours that your staff may be spending in the office. Everyone comes and departs on schedule, increasing the productivity of your employees.

6. Convenience

NeoTrack’s solution saves the time of the firm and its employees. Our automated system guarantees that everything runs well and reduces the frequency of late arrivals. Drivers receive their planned routes on their phones and may use our app to navigate.

Our unique tracking and routing solutions ensure a safe, quick & convenient commute for the passengers along with increasing profitability for the management. Adopting this automated platform to handle your employee mobility operations is, in a nutshell, the need of the hour.