Our Employee Transportation Solutions (ETS) monitor vehicles automatically using GPS-based technology enabled by machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity, generally known as the Internet of Things (IoT). To function successfully, the technology is dependent on two important components: the quality of the connection and the integrity of the device and the software platform that analyses the location data to deliver real-time updates. Our solution’s components are:

  1. Tracking device in-vehicle

This is a transmitting device that is installed on or within the vehicle and continually collects and sends location information. As a result, it must have a long battery life (or be able to use the vehicle’s power supply) and be both safe and tamperproof to ensure that all data provided is correct. The gadget, which is simple to retrofit into the vehicle, operates continually to broadcast a steady stream of data on the vehicle’s position, speed, and status to the online management and administrative interface.

  1. The system

The data gathered by the in-vehicle tracking equipment must then be transferred and analyzed. To convey position data from the bus, one of two transmission systems can be used: satellite or mobile networks. Satellite technologies are dependable, but they may be costly. With dependable 3G networks now accessible in practically all major cities, data transfer from the in-vehicle device to servers for analysis is now both cheaper and more effective.

  1. Portal for management and administration

The third component of the solution is the management and administrative platform. It includes analytics that compares real-time data from the vehicle to pre-agreed-upon routes and timings defined by the fleet coordinator.

Sophisticated software can interpret data at very fast rates, providing continual sight of the buses’ position, speed, and progress. If there is any departure from the route, timetable, or any stops that are not at pre-designated bus stops, an alert is issued to allow action to be performed based on the criteria that have been agreed upon.

This system’s front-end is a management and administrative interface that is easily accessed via a web browser or, in certain situations, a smartphone app.

A high-end system provides a customizable menu of features such as real-time tracking, route replay, geo-fencing, parent warnings, over-speeding alerts, and more. Transparency, communication, and control are required for a smooth journey. This transforms the commute into a pleasurable experience and a worry-free service.

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