Product Variants




Features for Parents

Real Time Information

Parents can track & monitor the precise location of the school bus.

Proximity Alerts to Parents

Alerts are sent to parents 10 minutes before the school bus reaches the pick-up or drop point.

Notifications to Parents

Real-Time App notifications when a kid is picked up or dropped in school

Safety Alerts

Notifications are also sent when a kid starts from or reaches school.


Precise tracking of the school bus enables parents to plan their time efficiently.

Audio & Video Surveillance

NeoTrack offers extended safety features with surveillance through camera, audio mic and SOS.

Ease of Use

NeoTrack's easy user interface offers multiple language support and adaptability across different OS platforms.

Emergency Notifications

Parents are alerted when the school bus is delayed or any unplanned incidents.

Time Saved

Parents need not waste their time waiting for school bus and kids spend the least time on the bus.

Features for School

Route Optimization

With the help of historic data, NeoTrack finds out the most optimized route for the entire fleet. This smart route plan helps the school management to be fuel & time efficient.

Complete Playback

The entire fleet's one-year data(24*7) is saved and the school management can analyze the fleet movement at any point.

Consolidated Reports

By saving route information for one year, NeoTrack generates reports & charts that give key insights into fuel management, time efficiency, and route efficiency.

Profit Maximization

With zero hardware investments and well matured A.I based process, NeoTrack is the most suitable solution for school transportation.

Instant Breach Alerts

Immediate alerts are sent to the school management when there is any deviation from the expected behaviors. Speed limit breach, distance limit breach, unauthorized vehicle movement, route changes or delays.

Safety and Security

Kids are secure from any threats and misdoings as the school bus is guarded with an intelligent NeoTrack system by instantly notifying kid's status & breach alerts to respective stake holders.

school bus route tracking technique

NeoTrack helps a parent to

  • Get real-time information on the exact location of your child’s bus – The use of industries leading technology developed in-house indigenously to get the real-time information of the school bus
  • Track multiple buses if your children don’t all ride the same bus – Schools may have a fleet of buses and your kid may not board the same bus all days in the week. Even in these scenarios you can track the exact bus your child is on board.
  • Know exactly when your children arrive at school, or at home – More than your convenience, the more important advantage is the added safety. Children stranded at bus stops is the last thing you want.
  • Your account is password protected – No more common username and password for all. Gone are those days! NeoTrack gives you your personal login
  • Avoid standing at the pickup points for a long time – The AI tracking solution keeps you updated through real-time updates providing peace of mind for you.

There are several instances when parents will get AI System generated notifications. These include

  • 10 Minutes before boarding / de-boarding
  • Child reached / left the school
  • Child forget to get down or get down at a wrong point
  • Change notifications like changes in route, bus or schedule
  • Emergency notifications like bus failures & delays, emergency holidays or schedule changes
gps tracker for school buses and vans

NeoTrack gives School/Transport Management

  • Very accurate (5 Secs) Tracking & Playback (24×7 data for past 1 year) – Transport admin can go back to any date in the last one year and analyse the bus route for clarity and reporting purpose.
  • Get optimized routes on a from the collection of historic data that’s fun and easy to use. Include real-life factors like routine traffic, stop duration, vehicle capacities, and more.
  • Trip reports help you gain precise knowledge of student loads, plan smarter, and save real money in the process.
  • Safety and Security alerts for Kids – parents need not call the driver wondering where the bus is, or whether their child get on it.
  • RFID Integration – AI coupled with RFID tracking in buses helps schools track whether a student is getting off at the right stop.
  • Portable design means it’s not difficult to transport the devices, unlike the GPS trackers of old times.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance – In case there are any issues, our experts are ready to provide any sort of assistance you might require.

There are instances when transportation manager will get notifications including

  • Driver delays – Generates notifications for any unscheduled stops or unplanned move
  • Speed limit breach – Receive alerts on over speeding and rash driving to keep up the time
  • Distance limit breach – Transport manager can use the information about the whole fleet to compare planned and actual routes
  • Route changes – In emergency, if the vehicle is re-routed then the system can generate emergency alert

Features for School Transport Management

Neotrack Lite

A lite version of NeoTrack-Standard, which provides optional subscription model for parents.