Who is a good fit?

An individual or a company who has a clear entrepreneurial vision, skill and focus to carry on business that involves both marketing and services, with a good knowledge and contacts in that specific geographical area and who can invest around Rs. 1 Lakh over a year.

Our partners will be provided exclusive rights for business in their territory and will be made the face of the NeoTrack product and services to the end customer in their territory.

GPS based Vehicle Tracking Services

As a NeoTrack partner, I am happy to announce that our yearly recurring revenue has crossed Rs. 25,00,000 in just a few months. Our customers are very much delighted with the NeoTrack solution and I am happy to have been partnered with the NeoTrack team.

- Prabhakaran, Yellowheels, Bangalore

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NeoTrack's Esteemed Franchise Partners

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