The school bus is the most preferred means of student transportation. Unfortunately, there are a few safety concerns faced by children traveling on the school bus. To ensure student’s safety there are a number of laws in place set by the Government such as the mandatory installation of GPS and CCTV  in school buses. 

Safety Tips:

  • Parents must train and educate their children on the importance of traffic safety 
  • Students should maintain the school bus safety rules and notify the school management or their parents if there are any offenses committed by the driver or students. 
  • Parents should notify the school administration of any offense or negligence from the driver.
  • Parents are expected to deliver their children to the school bus or the boarding point within the specified timing. 
  • Parents/guardians should ensure their child’s safety at the assigned boarding points and make arrangements to receive them when they are returned to their deboarding points at the end of the day.

With a new age GPS tracking, smart bus attendance integration, and automotive-grade CCTV cameras, NeoTrack serves as a one-stop solution to provide school bus safety. Features like real-time tracking, route change alerts, and proximity alerts help the parents to know the whereabouts of their children’s school bus.