The safety of kids is a prominent issue in our society. Parents always seek for the most secure environment for their kids, which includes the time they spend on transit for school. 

School buses commute a majority of children across India and surveillance is now compelling for all school transport systems. The school authority can ensure effective surveillance by installing CCTV cameras in their buses.

These cameras can help in monitoring and also provide a secure space for children traveling on the bus. With the CCTV camera, the school authority/parents can identify scenarios where kids break travel safety rules and if they are experiencing discomfort. They also help to monitor the caretakers (transport staff and conductor) handling the kids are executing their duties efficiently. 

Problems amongst school children such as bullying or physical contact may result in consequences. The CCTV cameras act like an adult eye watching over the surrounding. Awareness of the fact that they are being observed will discourage any such acts. 

Video recording helps to monitor the driver’s behavior and activities. The school authority can take action against drivers who do not abide by safety rules such as rash driving, improper behavior, overspeed and more with the help of these recordings. These video recordings can also be used to protect drivers from false claims.

With so many technical innovations happening across the transportation industry, CCTV cameras are affordable and bring a lot of benefits to the school and parents.

NeoTrack’s advanced technology-based cameras can provide live monitoring along with a high definition video recording facility with the help of an mDVR. Onboard sensors are also installed along with these cameras to trigger alerts during various situations like camera covered, connection loss and panic alarm.  Facilities such as CCTV cameras, GPS tracking, Alerts, and Notifications are helpful during emergencies and reduce response time during such scenarios.