AI is one of the common terms nowadays considering the latest technology like metaverse. They have become a section of development where people approach with awe. But Business Intelligence (BI) is still a term that people do not know much about. Let us understand them more clearly. 

What is AI & BI & difference between them? 

AI refers to an advanced form of computer intelligence. It is involved in coding of robots programming, virtual reality etc. BI involves intelligent decision making. It mostly includes a wide variety of tools, data & technology that support effective decision making. AI closely resembles human intelligence, while BI use technology that stores, accesses and analyzes data to make better steps in business. 

Can AI & BI work together? 

In short words, yes, they can. Though given the difference, when they work together can deliver wonders. AI combined with BI can go deeper into the unknown problems and deliver insights into the solution. It helps business users to address more direct problems, because now the more specific questions related to the product are available through AI. They can also help review past data and provide alerts and notifications of new features or updates. 

Examples of AI & BI in real life. 

The most prominent examples of AI are self-driving cars, bus tracking applications, disease mapping, robots manufacturing, conversational bots etc.  

The most evident examples of BI would be in finance. Combining financial data with operations, product and sales would help us understand the prospect of profit and loss. BI is an inevitable part of data scientists and analysts. 

Comparison between AI & BI 

Parameters  AI  BI 
Emphasis  Statistical methods to analyze data  Combines machine learning & deep learning algorithm. 
Algorithm  FIFO principle and breadth first algorithm  Linear aggression module for organizing data 
Limitations  Privacy & security risks  Misuse of large amount of data 
Tools  Complex algorithms  Data mining tools, spreadsheets, dashboard. 
Field  Learn clearly on biology & computer science.  Benefits a large enterprise to manage data. 
Usage  Depends on the ability to foresee the future and make decisions.  Depends on processing historic data and creating analysis. 
Goals  Implement human-like intelligence in systems  Provide data for efficient business decisions on all levels 


How does business intelligence help business to apply AI? 

Integrating AI to business can prove very effective and result worthy. AI can range from simple alerts to complex neural networks which helps business to get complete control over the performance results. Complex AI algorithms combined with creative business dashboards result in amazing analysis of costly problems. 

Although AI has been in the world for quite some time along with enables access to data faster and helps in better decision making. Basically, business should be able to make better plans for the age of thinking machines. 

How does Neotrack App use AI? 

Neotrack uses AI based GPS bus tracking solutions for parents & school. It ensures real time vehicle and history tracking which is a great relief to school management as well as to parents who otherwise spent their valuable time waiting for school bus in dust and pollution. The AI system enables proximity alerts and breach alerts & notifications. 

To conclude, AI enables computers to gain insight of their own and analyze them to make decisions while BI enables entire enterprises to access data and bring out decisions crucial in today’s rapidly changing world. Combining both AI & BI can prove beneficial to any company.