As we return to the workplace, more organizations are seeking to implement an employee transportation management system. Businesses with a huge workforce must embrace automated systems in order to provide a smooth & safe commute experience for their employees. As a result, this technology may help your company stand out and carve out a place in the industry. Even a transportation management firm may take advantage of this requirement to stay competitive. Adopting this automated platform to handle your employee mobility operations is, in a nutshell, the need of the hour.

Benefits of using NeoTrack Employee Transportation Management Solution

1. Management of Multiple Shifts

Morning shift, afternoon shift, and night shift are the most prevalent shifts in businesses. The shift type is altered on a weekly, bimonthly, or monthly basis. Our smart intelligence-based system creates automatic route scheduling and trips depending on employee shifts. It also provides the option to personalize shifts and vehicle scheduling.

2. Using our solution can help you save money

NeoTrack automates the majority of repetitious scheduling operations based on pre-defined parameters. On the application’s dashboard, management may follow all vehicle movements and employee data utilizing the transportation system efficiently.

3. Reduce dry runs by using effective transportation management

Faulty route planning, timetable issues, no-shows, and other human mistakes might all contribute to a reduction in the number of dry runs. You may save money by reducing unneeded expenditures caused by poor route planning if you use excellent transportation management.

4. Monitoring of drivers and vehicles in real-time

Our AI-based GPS solutions provide real-time tracking. It also aids in the tracking of driving behavior and the improvement of driver efficiency. This real-time data can help to monitor the vehicle downtime if any or mobility at any time.

5. Reports

Our solution creates reports that can be used to gather valuable information. Daily or weekly or monthly vehicle travel reports, trip reports, boarding point reports, employee attendance reports, tracking history, maintenance reports if any, driver conduct reports, and driver duty roaster can be generated.

It can also help with calculating information such as fuel consumption, distance traveled, the number of vehicles, the number of trips, safety measures, and other characteristics. All this information can be utilized to develop a smooth commute for the employees. 

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