An automated campus attendance system provides safety and security to the students. As all the information about the student right from when the student enters the campus in the morning till the student leaves in the evening is recorded and notified to the parents, it reduces the worries about the safety of the students. 

Benefits to the Parents

With an automated Campus Attendance System, parents instantly get notified regarding the absence or presence of their children by the mobile application provided by schools. This gives them peace of mind by knowing that their child has safely reached school and is attending the class. When students are aware that the attendance is tracked and notified to their parents instantaneously, students tend to avoid disciplinary issues. The automated record of attendance cannot be tampered or manipulated.

Benefits to the Management:

The management can keep track of attendance of their students, teachers, and staff directly with the help of the Automated Campus Attendance System. Reports and graphs are generated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This system improves accuracy and prevents false records from being maintained. Measures can be taken to strengthen regularity by the students, teachers, and staff. A lot of efforts and time is saved when schools adopt an automated campus attendance system.

An automated system, once installed and implemented, requires less maintenance and by doing so it increases the reputation of schools and also increases the trust of parents on the school.