Technology has made our lives easier in ways that’s unimaginable. Recent developments in technology like artificial intelligence, machine learning when applied to automobiles can create versatile machine pieces which are robust working with many features of comfort and ease. Let us see some of the latest tech in industry. 

Internet of Things (IoT)– Vehicles should be able to communicate and collect data from surroundings in a secure manner. IoT enables us to collect data, communicate with other vehicles and bring out predictive measures about the maintenance. They also help to give out alerts to reduce downtime and enhance driving experience. 

Automatic Doors– Some of the latest cars enables the to get into the car when your hands are full. With the help of car keys we can enable the car to open the doors for full hands-free experience. 

Electric Vehicles– Electric vehicles are the to- go type of technology from an environmental as well as comfort point of view. It also means producing machines without heavy engines and big parts. Some companies are considering turning parking spots as charging points for electric vehicles. 

Human machine interface– This enables humans to talk with the cars and get feedback. This is possible with the help of augmented reality and cameras. Smart cameras enable us to check the turns around corners to move without collisions or damage to the vehicle. 

Connectivity– One of the most prominent features that makes it easy to track cars. This very feature can help in fleet as well as traffic management. Data collected thus if transferred to other vehicles or live streamed, enables to identify roads with high traffic. 

Shared facility– Shared mobility allows to reduce the number of cars on road and hence reduce pollution and traffic. Many companies have begun to follow Cars-as-a-service for comfortable travelling solutions when integrated with software solutions they can help manage rental cars, shuttle services etc. 

Biometric seating– This feature takes the user experience to a whole new level. It collects data from drivers face and palms and measures the anxiety level and advises to take a break when needed, thus reducing the fatigue levels. 

Artificial intelligence– One of the most needed technologies in automobiles. AI enables vehicles to integrate features that can predict the outcome and work accordingly. Some vehicle headlights can sense the oncoming vehicles and dim the light.  

Neotrack also uses AI-based technology to track school buses with the help of neotrack school bus tracking app. They provide the correct and exact location of the bus thus saving time of parents and school management. They also provide data and alerts in case on unexpected delays and road blocks. 

These latest technology advancements enable any automobile industry to stand up to their competitors while delivering the best user experience. These technology trends are reinventing how companies manufacture vehicles. When used in the right way they can enhance user experience, promote safety of passengers and better on road travelling.