Why should school administration track their buses?

The advanced technical developments in this decade had made it a common best practice to add technically smart gadgets to any school system. Adding smart technical devices to our education system is a great way to keep everyone informed involved in this eco system happy. That said, tracking a school bus using a mobile application that connects parents with their kid school transport system, enabling them to locate their child and school bus at any given moment during the journey is the need of the hour for any parent.

monitoring children in school bus

So, where does the School bus safety starts? Most of us think that the word school bus safety is all about things like seat belts and careful driving. However, when it comes to school buses, safety starts well before the bus leaves the campus. The difficult part is how can you measure the impact of these technologies that is said to have initiated the renovation in performance of school bus tracking.

What does NeoTrack do for you?

An artificial intelligence based school bus tracking solution that can prove to be a very wise investment for your school management. Many schools have already implemented such systems and many made their money back in a very small duration. School buses managers are under great pressure to not only provide a safe, reliable service to school kids and their parents, but also to run efficiently. An artificial intelligence based system can help you reduce fuel consumption through improved routing and driver behavior.

Tracking buses improves student logistics and minimize costs by accurately reporting bus locations, providing real-time data to allow fast response to breakdowns, accidents and other emergencies. Real-time visibility into vehicle location can help transportation managers better plan routes and save money on fuel by reducing unnecessary driver mistakes. You can also monitor bus speed, improving children safety and driver accountability and even stay on top of vehicle maintenance.

advantages of school bus tracking

Using the NeoTrack artificial intelligence tracking tool the school management can:

  • Increase safety and security
  • Cut operating costs
  • Improve time management
  • Manage fuel costs
  • Provide greater accountability for workforces
  • Driver productivity

Get Consolidated Reports

NeoTrack empowers management to get the direct view on the transport operations, safety and security. Our specially designed reports enable easy interpretation with which the school management can do effective planning, policy implementation, compliance checks and acting on practicals to keep improving. You get reports like:

  • Vehicle utilisation reports and charts
  • Vehicle halt reports and charts
  • Speed breakdown reports and
  • Punctuality reports

For more information on how NeoTrack can help you solve your school bus fleet problems and improve efficiency, get in touch with us at sales@neotrackweb.com.